Its running …. T Minus 0 ….

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The boys got it started at 4pm today, all checks out ok, so it was off to get it mapped.

Met our mapper about 50 miles from the garage, and out we went for a few runs to check all is ok. Ran perfect, no problems and according to Ryan is pulling like a train. Much better performance than before, so obviosuly the diagnosis was spot on.

Got back home about 21:30, car is running very well so far.
A huge thanks to all who’ve put in the time and effort this week :

Paul, Ryan, ‘The secret engineers’, all of Whifbitz’s additional fabricators etc and an extra big up for Dazza who without his spannering this week none of this would have happened

… lets hope we can put in some decent performances tomorrow now!

Running on the road up to the circuit to put a few miles on the new engine, then an oil change and replumb the oil coolers before the first session….

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