Knockhill disaster!

Well, not that good news really. We were at Knockhill in the 2nd round of our 2010 Time Attack campaign. In qualifying all was going well, getting faster and faster and just about to turn up to full boost. There was a red flag so came into the pitlane and noticed it was running rough. Turned it off, had a quick nose around under the bonnet and couldn’t see anything wrong so tried starting it. Sounded like it had no compression so we pushed it back to our pit garage(tent!), had to have a sit down after that as it was uphill. Anyway, took the spark plug cover off and found the cambelt sitting right on the edge of the cam pulleys with no tension on it. Stripped the front down further and the cambelt tensioner pulley bracket had sheared in half. By this time we had an hour to the finals. Now, sitting right next to my car was Supradoopa’s, I had no spare tensioner pulley so the only option was to take it off his car! But before I started anything I had to find a crank pulley puller and someway of compressing the cambelt tensioner, luckily the boys from Buddyclub had the tools and gave me a hand to, thanks again for that! It was all to no avail though, by the time we got it off and started putting my car back together we had 5 minutes left before the session started so gave up. I then spent an hour putting Supradoopa’s car back together in the pissing rain! At I tried though.
At the moment, I have no idea if the engine is ok or not, I’d imagine 24 bent valves but wont know until I put the front back together and do a leak down & compression test, I’ve got all my fingers crossed.
Also, the brakes are still playing up which is really starting to annoy me now.

Traction control is now working a treat, absolutely the nuts now, I’m now a 100% Syvecs fan.

I’ll post a picture of the broken tensioner bracket when I get back tomorrow. Anyone running high revs, by a billet one, I’m going to get a few made up ASAP and will be fitte to all our race engines from now on. All part of R&D.

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