Lee’s Nitro Yellow Toyota Supra A90

Lee’s 2022 Toyota Supra A90 came in yesterday for a Whifbitz 3.5″ stainless exhaust and after some discussion of wanting it a bit louder we ended up fitting a one off custom Whifbitz 3.5″ titanium exhaust with only one silencer. Normally our exhaust has 2 silencers at the rear of the car but on this custom version when the exhaust valve is open its straight pipe apart from some of the exhaust gasses going through the one silencer, so it still has some kind of noise suppression. Lee’s Toyota Supra A90 still has the cat fitted which also provides some silencing, as you can hear from the video below, its loud but not too loud.

We also fitted one of our OPF delete harnesses to keep the car happy now the OPF has been removed. Lee has a JB4 piggy back tuning box fitted which is great for those who want to up the power but without having to remap it. Making a nice 362whp which is about 433bhp, nice gains from a stock factory car.

Whilst it was here we installed the latest XHP gearbox flash, this transforms the already good gearshifts making them faster along with faster downshifts, throttle blipping, customisable launch, shift points, etc. Its one of the best mods you can do for your Supra!

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