Lloyd’s 2023 Toyota GR Supra A90 Whifbitz titanium exhaust fitment!

And another customer’s Toyota GR Supra A90, this time booked in for one of our lightweight Whifbitz 3.5″ titanium exhaust systems along with an OPF delete harness to keep the ecu happy.

Made from super lightweight titanium our full exhaust weighs in at only 8.2kg! Thats from the cat back which also removes the restrictive OPF.

Dyno tests revealed an 15bhp gain in power and 40 lb/ft gain in torque compared to the OEM exhaust. There will be even more power to be gained on higher horsepower cars when the stock exhaust will become even more restrictive.

3.5″ in diameter from front to back where it splits into 2x 3″ silencers and keeps the exhaust valve so you have the OEM noise control. Made using 3.5″ oval pipework to keep the ground clearance to a maximum without affecting flow.

Noise levels are 90DB at 4000rpm static with the valve open but provides a nice deep exhaust note under full throttle.

Available to purchase on our website here , our exhaust is also available in stainless steel if you want a cheaper version without the benefits of the weight savings.

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