Luke’s Toyota Supra NA-T dyno remap

We had Luke’s @m112_evg nice Toyota Supra mk4 NA-T back in with us for map update after the customer fitted a smaller turbo to help with turbo lag.
It’s making a nice 473whp which is 550bhp approx at only 1.3 bar boost. It’s running a stock 2JZ-GE non VVTi engine with a Whifbitz tubular manifold, Borg Warner 62mm SXE turbo, Whifbitz R35 GTR coil pack kit and a Whifbitz billet drive by wire inlet manifold.

The dyno graph attached shows low and high settings of 1 bar and 1.3 bar boost respectively. More power available if the customer wants to turn it up some more.

If you want your Supra tuned, maintained or restored please get in touch, we’ve been specialising in the Supra MK4 for 23 years.

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