New Product alert – Wagner Tuning cast intercooler/inlet manifold for the 2020+ Supra.

These are a must if you want the most power out of your Supra, they suffer terribly with heat soak and the OEM inlet/intercooler just isn’t up to the job, the issue just gets worse when you start modifying it.

Wagner Tuning are without doubt the best intercoolers we’ve ever used here at Whifbitz across different platforms, Supra Mk4, GR Yaris, BMW M3/M4 F80 and now the Supra A90. On our 750BHP M3 for instance the aftermarket chargecooler that was fitted had air intake temp increases from 24 to 50 degrees on power runs and with the Wagner Tuning chargecooler it didn’t move which in turn increases power.

Well worth every penny.

Click here for the link to new Supra 2020+ version.

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