New product coming soon, Garage Whifbitz full exhaust for the BMW M3 and M4.

The exhaust will be available in stainless steel or full titanium for those who want it super lightweight.
As you can see from the pictures the exhaust uses our 3.5” single midpipe which really gives it a low tone instead of that horrible raspy noise that a lot of other exhausts can give. It’s also valved for those who want to keep the noise down to sensible levels when the flaps are closed.
The production version will have a slightly larger silencer to make it a bit quieter and options on different tailpipes, titanium, carbon and blue tips.
Stainless steel £980 inc vat
Titanium £2040 inc vat, no M car tax on our prices!
Downpipes are available and in stock and we also sell the 3.5” single midpipe for those who want to keep the OEM back box.
(Please ignore the 1 discoloured tailpipe on this preproduction version).
Exhaust is fitted to my own M3 and will be doing some dyno tests this coming week along with a few other tasty parts fitted, AET hybrids, M5 injectors, Forge Motorsport chargecooler and radiator.
I’ll get some vids posted soon so you can hear what it sounds like and update when we have the first batch arriving, thanks!
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