New Product! Garage Whifbitz GR Toyota Supra A90 Catless Downpipe!

New Product!! Garage Whifbitz 4″ downpipe for the 2020 GR Toyota Supra A90 eurospec cars, £300 inc VAT, no “Supra tax” here!
Made 304R stainless steel with a billet turbo flange and flexi section, 4″ reducing down to 3″ where it meets the factory exhaust system.
Our downpipe removes the restrictive PPF cat pipe increasing the exhaust flow allowing more power and torque.
Must be fitted with a stage 2 tune which we can supply if required pushing the power to just over 500bhp along with .
Please note the european spec cars are a different fitment to the USA spec cars.
For race use only. More products being released very soon!
Available to purchase on our website here
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