New Product – Garage Whifbitz Supra GT Carbon Rear Wing

Garage Whifbitz Supra Carbon GT Wing.

If you want maximum grip and traction from your Supra then this wing is for you. The wing makes a huge difference especially on big power cars, if you want to maximise traction. For instance on our own car running about 1300bhp the car has full grip in 3rd gear, but if you remove the rear wing it wheel spins in 4th gear.

The wing is adjustable in angle so you can adjust the amount of downforce required, we recommend doing that on the race track of course.

The rear wing includes:

  • Carbon fibre spoiler blade with carbon fibre end plates
  • Carbon fibre bootlid mounts
  • Powder coated pedestals
  • All nuts/bolts to install on your Supra

Available to purchase on our website here.

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