New Product Release – Whifbitz RB26 Single Turbo Kit

Garage Whifbitz twin wastegate/twin scroll single turbo kit for the Nissan R32, R33 and R34 GTR RB26DETT.
Using our experience gained with our hugely successful Toyota Supra turbo kits we have created what we think to be the best turbo kit now available for the RB26 engine.
Our Supra turbo kits have fast become the one to have and is now considered to be one of the best in the world. Proving to be 100% reliable, in 3 years of manufacturing them we have never had a warranty claim. Race developed and proven on our own Supra’s in Time Attack and Eurosaloon Race Series they have been put through the toughest of tests.

The RB26 kit has been built around the same principles and everything we have learnt with the Supra kit over the years has been applied accordingly.

The kits come with the following parts:

The kit uses the Borg Warner T4 turbo range, starting from the S362 (62mm) up to the S383(83mm), power ranging from around 550bhp to over 1300bhp and everything in between. You also have different versions of the Borg Warner turbos. The std Borg Warner turbo and a Bullseye Power Batmowheel billet version. With the Batmowheel version you get more power and better spool up when compared with the std Borg Warner turbos, the best of both worlds.
We can also supply other makes of turbo with the kit if desired or a setup kit minus the turbo if you want to source the turbo yourself.

Using our own T4 manifold using a twin wastegate divided setup making this a true twin scroll design which greatly improves turbo spool up and response. In back to back testing on the Supra kit we gained 1100rpm spool up over an HKS T4 manifold, the only thing that was changed was the manifold and wastegates. As you can imagine this massively improves driveability especially when using the larger big power turbos.
The manifolds are made from high quality 321 stainless steel, back purged and triple pass welded for seamless internal welds. It comes with a 3 year anti crack warranty and as you can see from the pictures it is a top quality work of art.

The kit also comes with 2x Turbosmart Compgate 40mm wastegates. Unlike other kits out there you have the option of having the wastegates routing back into the downpipe or open to the atmosphere if you want to make a lot of noise!

4” stainless steel downpipe and midpipe bolting directly to your existing cat back exhaust. 3” or 4” V band (depending on turbo used) at the turbo end and a 2 bolt flange or 4” v band flange where it bolts to the cat back exhaust. The downpipe comes fitted with an O2 bung fitted for your wideband O2 sensor.

Goodridge braided oil feed line, billet aluminium oil drain flange and braided hose
using the stock oil drain on the block.

4” or 5” polished alloy intake pipe with K&N air filter
3” polished alloy intercooler pipe with silicon hoses to connect to intercooler

More details can be found on our online shop here

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