New product – Whifbitz adjustable Supra/Soarer anti roll bars

Garage Whifbitz adjustable anti roll bars for the Toyota Supra and Toyota Soarer. These bars in conjuction with other uprated suspension products will transform the handling of your Supra.

The Garage Whifbitz adjustable anti roll bars were developed on our Time Attack Supra’s, and what you have here is the culmination of years of track development being passed on to our customers.

The Garage Whifbitz anti-roll bars also known as anti-sway bars replace the factory bars and use the factory mounting locations.  These roll bars will dramatically reduce body roll due to the increase in stiffness from the larger diameter and the steel strength bar give the anti roll bar more resistance against torsion, which helps keep the vehicle more stabile during cornering and reduces weight transfer.

Made from high quality spring steel powder coated in red for a great look and finish.

The standard front anti roll bars are 30mm front and 21mm rear. The Garage Whifbitz adjustable Supra anti roll bars are 32mm diameter and the rear 26mm.

Front roll bar has 2 adjustment holes and the rear bar has 3 adjustment holes.

Inside hole is stiff and the outside hole soft. When fitting these for the first time its best to start with the rear roll bar on soft and the front roll bar on stiff, this will promote understeer. Then adjust the roll bars to suit your driving style. To purchase please go to our website here

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