New Product! Whifbitz drive by wire throttle conversion for the 2JZ.

Whifbitz drive by wire throttle conversion for the 2JZ-GTE engine.

Drive by wire has many advantages:
1. Tuneable throttle response with a suitable ecu, we use the Syvecs S6GP or S6Plus depending on the customer’s needs. 
2. Idle control so no need for a noisy idle valve anymore, the stock idle valve can be removed and blocked off with a plate (not included). 
3. Throttle blipping
4. Traction control
5. Cruise control
6. Cleans up the engine bay with no need for a throttle cable

The kit comes with:
• Whifbitz billet adaptor, this bolts directly on to the standard Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE pre-VVTi inlet manifold allowing the Bosch throttle body to bolt on directly. Adaptor only fits pre-VVTi inlet manifolds, VVTi owners will need to swap to the pre-VVTi manifold, plenty around used if needed. The adaptor is designed to be used with the Bosch 68mm throttle as found on the Porsche 996/7 Turbo, part number 99760511501, 0280750156, 98660511501, we don’t include them as part of the kit as new ones can vary and they are readily available used on Ebay. We will be producing an adaptor to fit the Hypertune inlet manifolds using the 82mm Bosch throttle body very soon.
• Drive by wire throttle pedal, we use a Toyota item which bolts straight in to replace the stock pedal, no drilling, no messing about mounting it, this pedal is a direct replacement.
• Wiring looms for the pedal and throttle, these are pre-made ready to install on a Syvecs S6Plus ecu but they can be used on any ecu capable of running drive by wire. 
• O ring and mounting bolts 
Please note the kit does not come with the throttle body supplied.

For the latest prices please see our website here…onversion.html

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