New Product- Whifbitz Supra A90 titanium chargepipes & air intake pipe

Another new product released today are our titanium chargepipes and air intake pipe for the GR Toyota Supra A90.

Made from lightweight titanium our chargepipes not only look good but also remove the standard plastic pipes that are known to fail when the boost is raised over standard.

Comes with 2x titanium chargepips, silicon hose, jubilee clips, c clip and seals for a direct replacement for the OEM parts.

It also comes with 2x meth bungs if you are running water/meth injection.

The air intake pipe replaces the plastic pipework between the standard airbox and turbo inlet pipe removing the sound chamber improving air flow to the turbo whilst keeping the stock airbox in place for an OEM look.

Please see our website here if you want to order.

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