New Turbo Installed

Just finished off installing the GT4094 hyrbid turbo, AET Turbos welded on a 4″ exhaust outlet flange in the right position so the downpipe would bolt straight on, so apart from the intercooler pipe connection which I had to remake it was a straight forward fit. Looks a bit lost in the engine bay after the 42!
Mapped it to 2 bar and feels pretty good, coming on boost about 700rpm earlier than the GT42RS, hasn’t got the kick of the old turbo but should be alot more responsive so I should be able to make it up in/out of the corners plus running more boost and race fuel should even things out a bit.
Going to make up some kind of air duct to get some nice cool air going to it along with an airbox of sort to protect the filter from the heat. Cant wait for Sunday now, its going to be a hot one!

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