New Whifbitz car has arrived – BMW M4 G80 X Drive

New car in the Whifbitzfleet, the BMW M4 G80 X drive πŸ‘Œ Big thanks to Prestige Performance Yorkshire for sourcing the car us, if you want a top quality car and service with a smile get in touch with them πŸ‘
We will be using this as the test car for the incoming Whifbitz tuning packages.
The G80 M cars are definitely a step up from the F80 generation cars. The ZF 8 speed gearbox is soooo much smoother than the DCT 7 speed with equally fast gear shift speeds and the whole car feels higher quality.
The X drive cars being 4WD can be turned into a 9 sec 1/4 mile car with just a few simple mods, basically midpipe, downpipes and E30 ethanol custom tune and hey presto you’re in the 9’s hitting 0-60 in the low 2’s.
We will update our website and social media with our tuning packages soon, stay tuned.

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