Nitron NTR R3 Coilover Kit Nissan GTR

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Nitron NTR R3 for the Nissan R35 GTR.

NTR Race R3 kits set the standard for ultimate performance. The VLN Nurburgring lap-record holding design offers racers and race engineer’s precise damping control.

Campaigned over some of the most demanding endurance races around the world, Race R3 kits provide reliability and virtually eliminate fade. Available over a wide range of sports, formula and GT platforms.

  • 3-way independent damping control
  • 40mm or 46mm damper piston
  • 14mm, 16mm and 22mm piston rods
  • Camber / Caster adjustable
  • Adjustable spring preload
  • Independent adjustable ride height
  • Remote or piggyback canister
  • 24 click rebound adjustment
  • 16 click high speed compression adj.
  • 26 click low speed compression adj.
  • Complete with Nitron springs
  • Drag racing specifications available
  • This kit is designed for serious race use and as such incorporates high and low speed bump control valves for further chassis fine tuning. By adjusting either bump or rebound damping the damping ratio can be adjusted, however the extra adjustment over the R1 opens up many more options during the setup process. For example the high speed damping can be kept soft so the car is not thrown by running kerbs, whilst not compromising body control in the transient cornering phase (turn in, applying power). The low speed control is more concerned with grip. Softening the low speed will increase the grip, useful if suffering from power-oversteer.

    The NTR Race R3 remote reservoir (or piggyback in some specifications) kit provides yet another level of performance over the 1-way and 2-way kits, this is mainly due to the independent bump and rebound valving mechanisms and the low speed bleed reducing harshness and increasing grip further. Other benefits of remote reservoirs are higher fade resistance due to a higher oil volume, plus a larger surface area to radiate the heat to the atmosphere.

    This kit includes Nitron’s camber and castor adjustable pillow-ball top mounts (where applicable), these eliminate all rubber in the system and so ensure all road inputs are transmitted directly into the damper, maximising wheel control and providing optimum feedback to the driver’s finger tips. The adjustable top plates also give the option to increase camber or castor angles for a more race orientated geo setup (for example Race/slick type tyres can permit use of more camber).

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