Nitron Dampers Fitted

Got my Nitron dampers fitted on Friday. I forgot take pics of the dampers on the car, I’ll do that next time I have the wheels off.

When I had the dampers made I wanted to have the canisters mounted under the bonnet and in the boot area, I know from our RX7 and Steve/Ben’s cars that having the canisters under the car makes it a right pain to adjust everything. Front was easy enough to do as the canisters can be fed through but the rears required cutting a hole in the boot floor. I had the Nitrons made with a suitable rubber grommet attached to the hose to seal the hole up again once fitted, you can see that in the pics next to the canisters. I’m very happy with the final result, lets hope they work well now!

Passenger side front mounted canister, nice and easy to adjust if needed

Drivers side front mounted, also removed abs/traction control relay box which frees up some room, and I’ve relocated the boost controller solenoid(not pictured)

Boot mounted canisters. Still got to remount battery and windscreen washer tank to the back seat area, its on the big list of things to do


 Top adjuster

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