Officially released – Whifbitz Supra non-turbo NA-T Turbo Kit

Officially released as from today is our Whifbitz NA-T turbo kit for the Toyota Supra non turbo 2JZ-GE.

Using all of our years of experience producing turbo kits for the Supra TT, Skyline RB26 and moresupranatkit8 recently the R35 GTR and Toyota MRS, we have produced this kit with a budget in mind. The kit uses our own log style T4 manifold made from 321 stainless steel, these are built to last just like our 2JZ-GTE tubular manifolds. Log style manifolds can give a quicker response than tubular designs but are limited as to what they can flow. This is fine for the power levels this kit is aiming to achieve though, this kit is still capable of producing 600bhp with supporting mods.



Straight out of the box the turbo kit will boost the power of the engine from the factory 220bhp to 364bhp along with a large increase in torque from standard 210 lb/ft torque up to 325 lb/ft torque, this only running a light pressure system of 0.5 bar boost so is perfectly safe for the high compression NA engine.

The kit can be fitted here at our workshop or buy yourself supplied as a complete kit ready to bolt on. Being a non-turbo engine you will need to install an oil drain back into the engine, this requires the sump to be removed from the engine. Unfortunately you have to either remove the engine from the car or drop the front subframe down to remove the sump.

The kit includes the following high quality components, no cheap rubbish here:

  • Whifbitz log style T4 321 stainless steel manifold
  • Borg Warner S360 T4 0.88 undivided turbocharger
  • Whifbitz oil drain kit with billet oil drain flanges, Goodridge braided hoses and fittings
  • Whifbitz oil feed kit using Goodridge hoses and fittings
  • Whifbitz SMIC, standard mount intercooler
  • Polished aluminium intercooler pipework
  • Silicon intercooler pipes and clamps
  • Turbosmart Compgate 45mm external wastegate
  • Whifbitz 3” stainless steel downpipe, Midpipe and Borg Warner 3” Marmon clamp
  • Stainless steel dump tube venting to atmosphere
  • KN 4” air filter and polished aluminium intake pipe
  • NGK iridium spark plug set

Optional extras include:

  • Greddy Emanage Ultimate and boost pressure sensor or you can supply your own ecu solution. This will need mapping to suit the turbo kit, we can fit & map this here if needed.
  • Asnu Performance 550cc injectors if you want to run more boost
  • Whifbitz stage 1 catch tank instead of a breather filter on the cam cover
  • DEi turbo blanket to help keep temperatures down under the bonnet

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