Porterfield Front Pads Nissan 370Z

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Porterfield R4S fast road front pads.

R4-S – For high performance and heavy duty street conditions, the R4-S compound remains a top performer in the
realm of street/performance brake pads. Perfect for everyday street driving while also being capable of enduring
the most severe street use without fade. It is rotor friendly, low dust and squeal. We have gone to great lengths to
ensure it is the absolute lowest noise and dust levels produced for a performance street compound. With this pad
compound you will increase the friction level of your pads resulting in quicker stops. The pads will last longer and be
more quiet and produce less dust than your current OEM pad.
Note: This pad is not recommended for track use

R-4 – Designed specifically for heavy duty motorsports, the R-4 brake pad was our first and original Carbon Kevlar
brake pad. Being able to maintain an average of .50 friction level within a very wide temperature range gives the R-4 pad
astounding versatility and makes it very suitable for a wide array of various track conditions. Another inherent characteristic
of our Carbon Kevlar material is how quickly the pads warm up to race temperature which is quite helpful during restarts,
and when track time is limited. Optimum R-4 operating temperatures are 450°F and above. When used with cast iron and
steel alloy rotor, the R-4 compound requires minimal bed-in period. Note: This is a full race compound, dust and squeal will
occur. It is not designed for street use.


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