Preparation for the 2009 TA series

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We have Steve Linton’s Time Attack Supra in at the moment being honed for the coming season with some sensible mods to make the car that little bit quicker/reliable.

On the current list we have:

1. Oil cooling

2. Racepak IQ3 datalogging dash(same as what I’ve just bought), just turned up today.

3. Brake ducting in the front bumper feeding air to the front discs to aid cooling

4. Air filter ducting

5. Front tow eye

6. Alloy washer tank in the boot

7. Fuel swirl pot to avoid any fuel starvation round the bendy stuff

Thats it for this visit, more planned as and when. Need to remove some more weight, just waiting for some fibreglass doors to come through. Plus Steve wants a new exhaust soon as the Super Dragger is getting on a bit now.

Starting with the oil coolers, previously we had a 34 row in place but it was tucked away in the bumper with not a great deal of airflow going through it. So we decided to ditch the 34 row and fit 2x 25 row coolers in there place. Then cut the stock front bumper away to allow them to fit in front of the intercooler piping right in the airflow, should be the end of any oil cooling issues.

Setrab 25 row coolers

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Darren with his favourite tool in hand making some extra room for the coolers to mount :

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New coolers in place, still got to do the pipework …

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Front bumper cut out to clear the coolers …

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Front bumper before …

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And after, now has holes cut out to let a bit more air into the intercooler/radiator area, just need some mesh on there to finish that part of it off. You can also see the oil coolers butting right up against the bumper now so the air will be going through them rather than round them….

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Naca duct fitted to the side of the bumper to feed air to the air filter, come back to this one later when the ductings been fitted. Steve is also going to be making an airbox up.
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Fuel swirl pot fitted under floor above the diff. Such a neat install like this, if you fit a pot in the boot it all needs to be boxed in to meet MSA/FIA regulations which is a right headache to do. This should insure the engine is receiving fuel all of the time, last thing you want is fuel starvation round corners, good bye engine. This is exactly what I’m doing on my car, used Steve’s car as a dummy run!
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