Asnu R35 GTR Fuel Rail Kit

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The new ASNU R35 GTR fuel rail is designed for ultra high performance engines looking for that something extra to give you the edge.

Our rail allows for the retention of your stock rail mounted fuel damper which is required to reduce fuel rail pressure pulses when running large injectors with non standard pump systems. The rail also retains the OE injector harness mounting tabs for a professional appearance.

Boasting an internal bore of 17mm, and an impressive capacity of 170cc (over 11 times that of the stock rail) this gives the rail the capacity to supply even the largest of injectors.

The rail is supplied with -8AN feed & -6AN return fittings and a high flow & lightweight transfer hose from BMRS. Machined from grade T6082 aluminium and finished in a hard anodised coating, this rail will meet the requirements of top tuning specialists both specification and aesthetics wise.

R35 GTR rail fuel pressure and temperature sensor upgrade.

To allow accurate information relating to both fuel pressure and fuel temperature to be fed back to the ECU for accurate compensations on the main fuel map, ASNU have developed a fuel pressure and temperature upgrade kit for the ASNU R35GTR fuel rail.

This allows the ecu and your tuner access to live data on the fuel in the rail for an improved tune and setting safe limits for high temp operation, especially useful in hot climates where fuel temperature is critical to engine life at high load .

The ASNU sensor kit uses a single high quality Bosch sensor combining a calibrated fast reacting fuel pressure sensor head with a reaction time of less than a millisecond along with a highly accurate temperature sensor with a low thermal mass for fast response.

EcuTek software allows for calibration of the pressure sensor and the temperature sensor is designed to replace the stock tank fuel temp sensor input to the ECU.

The sensor comes in an alloy fitting block that mimics the OEM Rail fuel pressure damper. The alloy housing has a small amount of movement to allow for non stock manifold assemblies.

It can be fitted in replacement for the stock pressure damper in the ASNU R35 GTR rail and comes with connector pins, waterproofing seals and rubber boot. This allows it to be connected to either the redundant boost sensor from bank 2 or bank 2 HFM air mass meter (if using speed density)

Complete with Viton orings for all fuels compatibility

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