Ecutek Toyota Supra A90 & BMW Z4 G29

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Garage Whifbitz are official Ecutek master tuners and we’ve been busy developing tuned for the Toyota Supra A90 & BMW Z4 G29 and we now have our custom stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 and more available.

As you probable know the Toyota Supra A90 uses the brilliant BMW B58 engine and using our years of experience in tuning other BMW engines we’ve now released our tuning packages. The Ecutek tuning platform brings greater flexibility and many more features over other tuning platforms available and its being constantly updated by Ecutek with new features being added.

When we tested our Supra A90 as a standard car it made 334whp & 393 lb/ft torque at the rear wheels, as you can see there are big gains available with tuning. Our Dynojet rolling road gives its power figures at the wheels, to get an estimated flywheel figures that most other dyno’s give just add around 15%, so 334whp is about 384bhp at the flywheel.

Stage 1 – standard car – 416whp & 480 lb/ft torque at the rear wheels, 478bhp at the flywheel approx. 2 switchable maps included in the price.

Stage 2 – catless downpipe – 435whp & 497 lb/ft torque at the rear wheels, 500bhp at the flywheel approx. 2 switchable maps included in the price.

Stage 2.5 – same as stage 2 but with a full exhaust from the cat back – 445whp & 506 lb/ft torque at the rear wheels, 512bhp at the flywheel approx. 2 switchable maps included in the price.

Stage 3 – hybrid turbo, downpipe, full exhaust – we normally use the Pure800 turbo –  524whp & 506 lb/ft torque – 2 switchable maps included in the price.

Stage 4 – flex fuel map – port injection with Motive Motorsport Reflex, hyrbid turbo, downpipe, full exhaust – Pure800 turbo – running E60 ethanol fuel – 629whp & 630 lb/ft torque – 2 switchable maps included in the price.

We can also add a water/meth injection map or flex fuel sensor allowing ethanol fuel to be used on any of the stages of tune with some nice gains in power.

All of our custom tunes are tuned in our state of the art dyno cell using our Dynojet rolling road, dyno tuning is included in the price, we can also remote tune your Supra if required.

We can also supply and fit all of the parts needed for the different stages of tune, please get in touch with any questions regarding this.

Our Ecutek custom maps come with the following features:

  • Switchable Maps via the steering wheel on the fly so no need to load another map on as per other tuning platforms. You can have up to 4 maps, for instance low power, high power, water/meth map, high torque, valet mode, lower grade fuel, etc.
  • Adjustable torque by gear (requires ECU Connect Module) allowing you to reduce torque in each gear
  • Adjustable torque on cruise control button allowing you to reduce the torque if its raining or your granny wants to drive your car!
  • Rolling anti lag
  • Re-Scaled Sport Displays
  • Cold Start removal
  • Speed limit removed
  • Custom exhaust valve control
  • Adjustable Pops & Bangs or burbles as its known as in the BMW world
  • Anti Theft Mode

The graph pictured below is on our own Toyota Supra A90 development car running our stage 2 tune, this is fitted with one of our catless downpipes and thats it! We have many options to give more power than this too, please contact us for any advice needed on tuning your car with whats needed as there are many options.

ProECU BMW B58 & B48 / Toyota Supra supports all worldwide vehicles fitted with the Bosch MG1 TriCore ECU, including:

  • 2019–present B58 Toyota Supra 3.0 MkV
  • 2019–present B48 Toyota Supra 2.0 J29
  • 2019–present G29 BMW Z4 M40i
  • 2019–present G29 BMW Z4
  • 2019–present G07 BMW X7 xDrive40i
  • 2019–present G11 & G12 BMW 740i
  • 2019–present G11 & G12 BMW 730i
  • 2019–present G20 BMW 340i
  • 2019–present G20 & G28 BMW 320i

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