HKS GT Supercharger Kit GT86/BRZ

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HKS GT Supercharger kit for the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ. Increases BHP from 184 to 240PS.

The pure FR sport car 86 has a lower center of gravity and handy body size that provides awesome steering performance. And HKS GT SUPERCHARGER will make it even better with exquisite power.

  • The new design of reverse revolution Supercharger (GTS7040L) can have smarter installation layout.
  • Have about 30% more power and torque with this product. (* In-house testing data)
  • The drive in the town would be better because this product can solve the torque problem around 4000RPM of stock vehicle.
  • It has a great performance at the mid to high RPM because more than 25kgf・m (245N・m) at wide range of RPM from 4700rpm to 6800rpm
  • It can use stock D4-S system as it is by using 86 special F-CON iS. (needs some setting)


  GT Supercharger System
Supercharger Assy
Supercharger Traction oil
Supercharger Installation Bracket
Suction Pipe + Blow off
Intercooler ASSY
Intercooler Pipe
Other Bracket Parts
ECU (Special F-CON iS)
Spark Plug X
  • It needs resetting for each vehicle because F-CON iS data is initial setting. (base data is cat. converter + HKS muffler)
  • It can’t be used with a device such as OB-LINK which uses OBD-II port because F-CON control uses same OBD-II port for data signal.
  • We recommend to use with engine oil cooler and engine oil with high temperature viscosity of #40 or higher. (HKS HR 0W42, Racing Pro 0W40/10W50, etc.)
  • For even more output, fuel pump and injector needs to be bigger capacity.
  • Needs some small modification on bumper reinforcement and radiator support.
  • Approximate installation time is 5 hours.


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