HKS Max IV GT Coilovers GR Yaris

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HKS Max IV GT Coilovers GR Yaris

The latest technology resets the MAX IV GT, which has an excellent balance of handling performance and ride quality on the street.

Introducing the latest setting technology based on MAX IV GT. The stability and comfort have been further improved and the running texture has evolved. This suspension kit is recommended for those who pursue a high level of both enjoyment and sportiness on the street and ride quality.

Adopted a single cylinder typeAdopts the traditional single-cylinder type of HKS suspension that ensures high driving performance. Achieves stable running even during lowdown.Uses dust bootsPrevents damage to the shaft due to flying stones from the outside.Adopted PNE coatBy applying a special coating on the surface, it boasts more than 5 times the corrosion resistance of general zinc plating. This prevents sticking due to rust, which is the neck of the full length adjustment type. In addition, the smooth surface reduces the force required to adjust the vehicle height.Adoption of preload valve systemPreload is given to the valve that generates damping force, damping is firmly performed at low speeds, and damping in the high speed range is cut. Achieves a flat ride by suppressing unnecessary movement.Newly shaped needle adoptedA new shape needle is adopted to review the damping characteristics in the very low speed range and medium and high speed range, which hold the key to handling and riding comfort.Unsprung weight reductionAluminum members are used for the bracket, ride height, and lock nut to reduce unsprung weight. (Excluding some models)Uses a 30-step damping force adjustment mechanismBy installing a 30-step damping force adjustment mechanism, it is possible to set up according to the driving stage such as urban areas, winding roads, highways, and the number of passengers.2 year 40,000 km warrantyWe have improved the durability of each part that makes up the suspension and realized a warranty of 40,000 km for 2 years.

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