Hypertune 4G63 T4 Turbo Manifold

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Hypertune 4G63 T4 turbo HypEx-347 twin scroll, twin wastegate exhaust manifold.
Hypertunes goal is to produce a range of turbo manifolds with improved performance, reduced weight and high reliability.
To ensure that HypEx-347 manifolds addressed the inherent issues that turbo manifolds face we have implemented a number of innovations including:

  • Selecting 347 as our material of choice due to its proven use in aircraft exhaust systems. 347, when compared to 304 and 316, is better suited to deal with the high temperatures experienced by turbo manifolds.
  • Designing an investment cast collector with optimised runner transitions and waste gate ports to ensure optimum flow efficiency and boost control. A one-piece collector also eliminates the points generally most prone to cracking.
  • Developing there own tube diameter (39mm bore) rather than off-the-shelf steam pipe bends which are generally too big or too small. Three different bend radii have been produced so that larger radius bends can be used where space permits. Tube wall thickness has been reduced to 2.7mm allowing us to reduce weight due the superior material properties of 347 stainless.

As with all Hypertune products, you can be assured that continued research, development and testing will be carried out on the fastest cars across various racing disciplines worldwide.

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