Garage Whifbitz Titanium Supra 3″ 1st Decat Pipe

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Garage Whifbitz 3″ titanium 1st decat pipe for the Toyota Supra twin turbo.

Made from super lightweight titanium these are as light as a feather, this 1st decat pipe weighs in at 0.6kg!

Removes the 1st cat increasing power and response. Jap spec cars must be fitted with a restrictor ring to stop overboosting, UK spec cars do not require this.

Highly recommended to be fitted with the 2nd decat pipe at the same time, along with other components available in our performance packs, please see our BPU performance pack section for details.

Benefits include:

•  Titanium being lighter than steel gives your car a better power to weight ratio helping to improve straight line performance and cornering ability.

•  Titanium is stronger than steel but lighter so we are able to build an exhaust that takes abuse better than its steel counterparts but with significant weight savings over your typical factory fitted and aftermarket steel exhaust systems.

•  Titanium is highly resistant to corrosion, unlike stainless steel exhaust units which may rust or decay over a period of time so long life is guaranteed.

Comes with nuts/bolts and gasket for 2 bolt flange only, use a high quality sealant on the turbo flange.

We offer this part exclusively for motorsport vehicles.
By purchasing, you confirm that you are not using this item for a vehicle that is used on public roads.

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