Xtreme 230mm CSC Carbon Twin Plate Clutch Supra 6 Speed

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Xtreme carbon twin plate clutch with hydraulic release bearing conversion for the Toyota Supra 6 speed, very easy to modulate, perfect for every use, road, drag or track, rated to 1235 lb/ft torque. Converts clutch to hydraulic slave cylinder which makes the pedal very light.

The Xtreme Carbon Multi clutch was developed for extreme horsepower cars that require good modulation characteristics. The Carbon Multi series is available in twin and triple versions in a variety of combinations including full-face and ‘button type’ linings, in carbon-carbon and carbon-steel versions. Although the Carbon Multi is primarily intended to hold extreme power and torque and is not designed as a street clutch, it can deliver surprisingly good driveability.

Product Features:

  • Push type billet alloy cover
  • Low pedal effort
  • 4140 Chromoly pressure & intermediate plates
  • Chromoly adapter ring
  • Low inertia
  • Carbon Friction Stable at extreme temperatures
  • Serviceable components
  • SFI certified design

Product Details

  • Torque (Nm): 1675
  • Clamp Load: 1350Kg
  • Flywheel Step: +3.8mm
  • Clutch Disc Diameter (mm): 230
  • Clutch Disc Spline Count: 14
  • Clutch Disc Spline Diameter (mm): 32
  • Recommended for: Motorsport
  • Design: Twin Plate
  • Stage: Track Use Only

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