Xtreme Performance Race Sprung Ceramic Clutch Kit Incl Flywheel & CSC GR Yaris

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Xtreme Performance Race Sprung Ceramic Clutch Kit Incl Flywheel & CSC GR Yaris.

The sprung ceramic clutch kits – Stage 2R use an upgraded pressure plate combined with a ceramic friction disc in sprung configurations. This clutch kits range is designed for race / track going vehicles that require a higher torque capacity and temperature tolerance, and faster engagement. Clutch engagement is more aggressive than organic kits, so it is not recommended for daily driven vehicles.

The Stage 2R series clutch provides a higher torque capacity and heat capacity offering improved gear change times over the stage 2 equivalents.

These kits feature a high quality cover with increased clamping force compared with standard, between 75-120% depending on the demands of the individual vehicle. The covers have an anti-burst pressure plate casting, The material is SFI certified for racing use- burst proof to 14,000rpm. So combining a ‘1R’ kit with Xtreme Performance flywheels also massively improves the safety level for cars.

They use a ceramic “paddle” friction disc which can result in more noise and harsher engagement and is mainly suited to Race Vehicles.

  • Torque (Nm) TBA
  • Flywheel Step -9.53mm
  • Clutch Disc Diameter (mm) 240
  • Clutch Disc Spline Count 23
  • Clutch Disc Spline Diameter (mm) 26
  • Design Single Plate
  • Weight [KG]: 14.7

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