Pumaspeed Big Power Toyota GR Yaris dyno pulls making 560bhp!

Tuning is complete on the Pumaspeed Toyota GR now and its producing a mighty 470whp which is an estimated 560bhp! The G16E-GTS 1.6 litre 3 cylinder engine is constantly surprising us with what it can do. It not only produces a lot of power but it also does it with minimal turbo lag, its still mega responsive and useable power.

Mapped on E70 fuel which allows us safely to run more ignition timing and boost hence the big power gain over pump fuel.

A quick spec list as follows:

  • Lamspeed Racing G25-660 turbo kit
  • Syvecs ecu
  • Whifbitz fuel system
  • Deatschwerks 1100cc injectors
  • Lamspeed Racing inlet manifold
  • Kelford 267B cams & springs
  • Spec J Motorsport closed deck block and forged engine

More details of this stunning Toyota GR Yaris will be added to our website ASAP.

If you’d like your Toyota GR Yaris turned into a fire breathing monster please get in touch

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