R35 GTR engine is stripped, what a mess!

Well its all apart and the good news is it looks like both heads look like they have survived. One is perfect and untouched, the other side which has the piston damage will need 4 valves and seats recut, wont know for sure until I get the valves out of them.

I’m going to be ordering up all the bits tomorrow for it:

Mahle pistons
Carillo H beam rods
Titan Motorsports head and main studs
New crank, used block, new oil pump
Going for a full race spec head, ported and fitted with Ferrea valves, Ferrea titanium retainers and dual valve springs
Just waiting to hear back about some cams I should be trying out for a UK company.
Cometic head gaskets

Cant wait to start putting it all together now. Next step once the engine is built is to have some exhaust manifolds made for the Whifbitz R35 GTR turbo kit. Still specing the turbos at the moment but I think I’ll be using Borg Warner S200 series turbos with billet internals along with Turbosmart external wastegates. More news on that at a later date though.

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