Racepak IQ3 dashes

Steve Linton and I have just ordered our Racepak IQ3 dashes, these really are the nuts having used one in the RX7 last year, highly recommend them. Cant wait to get it fitted in our cars, it’ll be a great tool for us as drivers to as we’ll be able to overlay information on braking points, corner speed, etc. from each car so it should tell who’s being a pussy! Does everything required, lap timing, datalogs anything you input into it, I’ll copy and paste from website all the info below:
The IQ3 dash represents an entirely new concept in data logging dashes. By placing the 32 channel data logger, 512 MB memory card, GPS board and 3 axis G meter inside the dash, every feature of the data system is now located in one central location.

And, when that 32 channel data logger is one of Racepak’s exclusive smart sensor type, that means that only one small cable will transmit the data from all the sensors to the rear of the dash.

So, for the customer, this means:

No external data logger necessary No bulky, heavy sensor wiring harness
No beacon transmitter or receiver necessary for lap time data
No wheel speed sensor necessary. GPS provides speed and track mapping
The IQ3 data logger dash is designed to be a complete data center. Contained inside the fully programmable dash is a 32 channel data logger, 512 MB memory card, GPS board and 3 axis G meter. The programmable shift lights are protected from sunlight by a molded shield above the lights, while the low glare LCD display is well recessed in the housing in order to provide viewing in all light conditions.

The rear of the dash contains the connectors for the external GPS antenna, Vnet sensor cable and the Power / Ground / Engine RPM / External Programming Button harness. All sensors transmit their data through a single cable (Vnet) which is routed to the rear of the dash. This eliminates the need for a sensor harness, greatly reducing installation time, complexity and overall weight.

All data is stored in a 512 MB MicroSD memory card, located in the front of the dash between the programmable shift lights. This design insures easy access to the memory card for data download.


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