Scott’s 800bhp ZF 8 Speed widebody Supra build!

We are finally finishing off Scott’s widebody Supra!! This build is going to be one of the best Supra’s around featuring some of the best components available:

✅ Whifbitz ZF 8 Speed gearbox conversion

✅ Whifbitz EFR9180 single turbo kit

✅ Forged engine, Manley pistons/rods, Whifbitz 269 cams, ARP head/main studs

✅ Syvecs S6Plus ecu

✅ Whifbitz R35 GTR coilpack conversion

✅ Hypertune intake manifold with drive by wire throttle

✅ And many more!

The power goal for this beast is about 800bhp, keep an eye out on our Facebook page & Instagram for updates coming soon.

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