Snetterton Track Day

Just got back from Snetterton, had a good blast around, quite hard to get a clean lap in so didn’t really have a chance to set a decent lap time. For the first time this year we spent a bit of time trying some different setups to change the balance of the car. The car felt a bit nervous on the rear end in the fast corners. So we tried adding a bit more rear wing angle plus getting the tyre pressures correct, checking the tyre temps at the same time. We ended up with a much better temp spread after increasing the pressures and at the same time the car began to feel more planted so we were definately going in the right direction with it. I’m going to increase the rear camber slightly to try and get some more temperature in the rear tyres. Off to Brands on Tuesday to get ready for Time Attack on the 28th, hopefully the setup changes will work there as well. Cant wait already!


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