South Wales Nissan R35 GTR Tuning

Nissan R35 GTR tuning, servicing and repair in South Wales!!

R35 GTR tuning ranges from an air filter to 1000bhp+ builds, as proven on our own 1000bhp R35 GTR demo car. We can tune your car to suit your needs, advise what is required and not required, whether its for fast road, track or drag.

Modifications include forged engine rebuilds, upgraded turbos, fuel system, intercooler, exhaust, gearbox mods, suspension, wheels, brakes, etc.

We also have our own popular range of high quality reasonably priced GTR 4” exhausts in stainless steel and titanium which are capable of supporting 1300+bhp along with being track friendly.

If you’re in the South Wales/South West area and need your GTR looked after, we’ve got you covered.

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