Subaru Impreza 2.1 Stroker Engine Build

We dont just work on Supra’s here! Here’s an Impreza engine we are currently rebuilding here at Whifbitz South Wales.

The car was smoking like a kipper so we stripped down for inspection. The engine was totally knackered, piston to bore clearance was way over spec and the valve guides and cam buckets worn. So the early type hydraulic lifter type cylinder heads have gone in the bin and replaced with later fully rebuilt Version 4 heads and cams.
The block has been machined out ready to accept a brand new EJ25 crank which strokes the engine out to 2.1 litre. Manley H beam rods and Mahle Motorsport pistons are being used to beef up the bottom end along with ARP head studs, Cosworth Head gaskets.
Target power for this car is around 400bhp but the engine is being built to take 500bhp just in case…..

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