Supra Aerotop EFR Single Turbo Build

The owner of this Supra Aerotop TT Auto brought it to us earlier in the year for a check over ready to go single. Unfortunately the engine had excessive leak by on one cylinder so the engine needed stripping down.

When stripped we found excessive bore wear along with valve guide wear and valves not seating correctly, so it was a full engine rebuild required.

So we rebuilt it with the following spec:

Mahle Motorsport pistons
Eagle H beam rods
Clevite bearing set
Rebuilt cylinder head with Brian Crower valve springs/retainers, Brian Crower inlet valves
Toyota oil pump with full Toyota gasket/seal set
ARP main stud kit
ARP head stud kit

The car is also having one of our soon to be released new EFR 8374 internal wastegate single turbo kits, I’ll add some pics and details of this when I get all of the parts.

Its also having:

Sard 800cc injectors
Syvecs S6GP
Whifbitz 3″ twin box stainless steel exhaust

More pics and details as we go along from here.

Mahle Motorsport pistons, ARP studs and Eagle h beam rods:

leeburley leeburley1Plateau honed block with Mahle Motorsport pistons fitted

leeburley2ARP head studs and Toyota oil pump bolted onĀ leeburley3leeburley4Toyota OEM head gasket
leeburley5Fully rebuilt cylinder head
leeburley7Head bolted on the block lubed up ready for standard cams

leeburley8Cams fitted
leeburley9Cam covers fitted, although these are now removed and being painted the same colour as the car


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