Syvecs S6 GP ECU Group Buy

I think most of you know about how great this ECU is. Used to great effect on our own Time Attack Supras plus helping my own Supra to produce over 1300bhp on the dyno last year.

This is now the ECU of choice when you are modifying your Supra, Skyline, Impreza, EVO, etc. etc. Whether it’s a stock turbo’d road car or a 1000+bhp monster this is the ECU to use. The ECU is being used on road, race, drift and drag cars all over the world, all being fully controlled by the Syvecs.

You can see more details about the ecu here. 

So here it is, Syvecs S6GP group buy:

Retail price £1558.80 inc VAT

10 buyers £1360 inc VAT, if we cant get to 10 buyers then I will review the price at the time.

Car specific adaptor looms £180 inc VAT

Uk delivery £10 inc VAT

You will also need:

Map sensor

Knock sensor

Oil pressure sensor

Fuel pressure sensor

Mapping can be performed by Ryan at 2 Bar Tuning or by your own mapper of choice if required.

Any questions just ask


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