Time Attack build begins

Started today on the winter overhaul getting the car ready for this years proper assault on Time Attack Club Challenger RWD class.

I went to Nitron today to have the car measured up as mine will be the first kit they’ve made for the Supra. I’m going for there 3 way kit which is about as good as you can get, should hopefully help to tame the beast a little.

Top quality dampers these babies are, more details on there website here http://www.nitron.co.uk/ I will also be selling these in 1 way, 2 way and 3 way formats to cater for all needs, I’ll let you know prices when they are finished in about 3 weeks time. I took some pics of the car up on the corner weight tables and a pic of there damper assembling area, nice outfit.

These are the RX7 kits they sell which are similar but mine will have remote reservoirs so I can adjust them from under the bonnet and boot area.

Oh and the car weighed 1504kg with a full tank of fuel. Anyone know how much 70 litres of fuel weighs? Once I’ve finished the mods I’ve got planned I’ll go back and get the car corner weighted to see what the difference is.

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