Time Attack Oulton Park Round 1

Quick update. We had a very successfull weekend at the 1st round of our 2010 Time Attack campaign, you can read all about it in the Time Attack Report section.

The car itself performed very well with 4 seconds being knocked off the lap time from the previous year. The best part of the car is now the power delivery, the difference between this time last year and now is amazing.
At Oulton Park circuit last year I was having to use 2nd gear in some places creating wheel spin and unsettling the car with downshifts. This year I was only using 3rd and 4th gear, only having to downshift twice each lap which in turn makes it quicker on a lap. The car is so tractable now, pulling out of bends low down in 4th gear riding a tidle wave of torque, so a very good debut for our new twin wastegate manifold setup.

Suspension wise, definately noticed a difference with the Ikeya rose jointed suspension arms. When I had the alignment done at Wheels In Motion we managed to get 7 degrees of caster, the most we can normally get it is 4, this was down to the Ikeya front lower arms. This gave the steering a lot more weight and made the car felt very pointy, a bit to much as I found out early on the practise day with an enormous tank slapper! Made some adjustments to the low speed rebound on the rear and changed the tyre pressures on the front a bit and found a nice balance.

The worst part of the car was the brakes, having a soft pedal braking into druids wasn’t the nicest of experiences! I will be given them an inspection this week to hopefully find the problem, dont want another repeat of this at the next round at Knockhill in a couple of weeks.

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