Titanium turbo back exhaust

A few pics of the titanium exhaust today.
As you can see, its a 3.5″ titanium from the turbo back, which means super lightweight and its looks the business to. I’ve also gone to the extent of having the wastegate pipework made in titanium to, even the wastegate flanges, all these have to be made from scratch as you cant buy them off the shelf. From the cat back it weighed in at 7kg and thats with 2 silencer boxes, I had to hold on to it as it tried to float away!

And also some pics of the new twin wastegate manifold, shame you cant really see much of it when its all bolted up, its a work of art. Will be testing this out as soon as I can, its all available to buy if required.

Got loads to do at the moment. Removed the heater and spent the rest of the day removing the remains of the sound proofing, what a tedious job! Then painted the floor pans and transmission tunnel.
Still got to fit flocked dash back in, make up a new carbon dash facia, wire up my dash, fit new front splitter, Ikeya rose jointed suspension arms, do a load of heat shielding around the wastegate area, try out the Bullseye turbo, etc. etc. I’ll update as I go.

Only 3 weeks to go to the first round of Time Attack now and I cant wait!

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