Toyota GR Yaris Whifbitz carbon bonnet, rear spoiler and wing mirrors fitted.

Another Toyota GR Yaris in the Whifbitz workshop and this one is having some cosmetic upgrades fitted.

Starting with our Whifbitz VS style carbon vented bonnet, as you can see from the pictures below it gives an aggressive look whilst also improving cooling, it also comes with a rain guard fitted underneath to keep the engine dry, available to purchase on our website here.

We also fitted one of our Whifbitz TM style carbon rear spoilers too, this is an easy bolt on job and gives the rear of the car an aggressive look to match the carbon vented bonnet. The carbon rear spoiler is available to purchase on our website here and its also available in fibreglass if you want to paint it.

And last but not least we fitted a set of our carbon wing mirror covers which simply stick on over the wing mirror and gives you a carbon fibre look.

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