327BHP Toyota GR Yaris

Another Toyota GR Yaris in with us recently, this one had Kelford 266/274 camshafts, Kelford valve springs, Airtec intercooler and Airtec big boost pipe kit fitted. The GR Yaris had already been fitted with a Syvecs ecu, Miltek GPF back exhaust and MST intake kit at another tuning company, so we thought we would do a before and after.

Other mods done to the car include Maxton lip kit, carbon bonnet, wheel spacers, lowering springs and a CAE shifter.

As you can see from the dyno graph below it was making 245whp which is an estimated 297bhp but the power drops off massively after 5500rpm. Even more than a standard factory car does in fact!

And now with the Kelford cams, Airtec intercooler fitted and a new custom Syvecs map done here at Whifbitz its now making 271whp which is an estimated 327bhp, a lot more power to come if it was decatted and the GPF deleted.

Look at the difference on the dyno graph below, the red lines are the new map with Kelford cams/springs, the power keeps climbing all the way to the rev limiter and the torque drops off less.

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