TS-1 Turbocharger 5862 V-Band 0.82AR Internally Wastegated

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Includes turbine inlet and outlet weld flanges and v-band clamps
Fitment Requires Fabrication // Universal Product

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Smaller, Lighter and Faster – The Turbosmart TS-1 turbocharger series has been developed to leverage modern materials, design and manufacturing techniques to create a Turbocharger range that meets the demands of both Motorsport, and performance enthusiasts alike.

Every Turbosmart turbocharger comes standard with everything you need for installation, weld flanges, V-band clamps, gaskets, oil feed and drain fittings are included.

The TS-1 series are oil cooled turbochargers with lightweight stainless steel investment cast turbine housings, a proprietary bearing and main shaft combination which will provide transient response you never knew possible with the type of performance, quality, reliability and support you’ve come to know Turbosmart for.

The ultra-low rotating mass of our unique bearing and shaft assembly is matched to aggressive compressor aerodynamics to ensure high levels of performance at lower shaft speeds which is mated with a unique T14 Inconel turbine wheel to ensure power at high loads and flow is maintained.

The TS-1 turbocharger series has taken a ‘whole of engine’ approach to increasing performance, aiming to achieve power through reduced back pressure and high performance turbines – while being smaller, lighter and faster in response than other solutions on the market.

Available In

TS-1 oil cooled turbochargers

TS-2 oil and water cooled turbochargers

V-Band, various T3 Flange and T4 Flange options

Reverse rotation (Selected Sizes)

Various A/R options

Internal and external wastegated options available


Unparalleled transient response

Aggressive aerodynamics with 7+7 splitter wheels

Lightweight 310s stainless steel investment cast turbine housings

Lightweight, Aluminium compressor covers

CFD driven designed housings for optimal A/R’s and flow

T14 Inconel turbine wheel for extreme EGT’s

VSR speed balanced

Proprietary dual ceramic bearing system

Integrated Iron backplate on center housing


Compressor Inlet: 4″ / 101.6mm

Compressor Inducer: 58mm

Turbine Inlet: V-Band (2.25″)

Turbine Exducer: 62mm

Turbine AR: 0.82

Turbine Outlet: V-Band (3.00″)

Weight: 7.40kg / 16.3lbs

Horsepower Rating: 600-750HP

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