TS-1 Turbocharger 7675 T4 0.96AR Externally Wastegated

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Includes turbine inlet and outlet weld flanges and v-band clamps
Fitment Requires Fabrication // Universal Product

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Smaller, Lighter, and Faster—The Turbosmart TS-1 turbocharger series has been developed to leverage modern materials, design, and manufacturing techniques to create a Turbocharger range that meets the demands of both Motorsport and performance enthusiasts.

Every Turbosmart turbocharger comes standard with everything you need for installation: weld flanges, V-band clamps, gaskets, oil feed and drain fittings are included.

The TS-1 series are oil-cooled turbochargers with lightweight stainless steel investment cast turbine housings, a proprietary bearing and a main shaft combination that will provide the transient response you never knew possible with the type of performance, quality, reliability and support you’ve come to know Turbosmart for.

The ultra-low rotating mass of our unique bearing and shaft assembly is matched to aggressive compressor aerodynamics to ensure high levels of performance at lower shaft speeds which is mated with a unique T14 Inconel turbine wheel to ensure power at high loads and flow is maintained.

The TS-1 turbocharger series has taken a ‘whole of engine’ approach to increasing performance, aiming to achieve power through reduced back pressure and high performance turbines – while being smaller, lighter and faster in response than other solutions on the market.

Available In
TS-1 oil cooled turbochargers
TS-2 oil and water cooled turbochargers
V-Band, various T3 Flange and T4 Flange options
Reverse rotation (Selected Sizes)
Various A/R options
Internal and external wastegated options available

Unparalleled transient response
Aggressive aerodynamics with 7+7 splitter wheels
Lightweight 310s stainless steel investment cast turbine housings
Lightweight, Aluminium compressor covers
CFD-driven designed housings for optimal A/R’s and flow
T14 Inconel turbine wheel for extreme EGTs
VSR speed balanced
Proprietary dual ceramic bearing system
Integrated Iron backplate on center housing

Compressor Inlet: 4″ / 101.6mm
Compressor Inducer: 76mm
Turbine Inlet: T4
Turbine Exducer: 75mm
Turbine AR: 0.96
Turbine Outlet: V-Band (3.50″)
Weight: 9.63kg / 20.23lbs
Horsepower Rating: 1200-1350HP

Additional information

Weight 10.89 kg
Dimensions 30 × 27 × 31 cm

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