Turbo Update

Ok, update time. Had a problem with the turbo at Knockhill last weekend. The turbo decided to bend its shaft, no idea why it did it at the moment to be honest, only removed it just before I left tonight, I’ll get it sent off to my turbo chaps at AET Turbos for them to look at it. Checked all of the datalogs from the Racepak and there’s nothing untoward with temps, afr’s, etc. I also ripped my front splitter off! I had a little trip into the kitty litter which weakened it and then it flew off down the straight!

Anyway, I was looking for an excuse to put a smaller turbo on more suited to track use! I’ve gone for a Garrett GT4094 hybrid which has a GT42 compressor wheel which I’m hoping will still give me the top end power along with a 1.15 rear housing. Should be with me on Friday so will get it mapped next week sometime, will probably mean I’ll need to run higher boost so I’ve still got big power if I need it. Probably go to 2 bar boost on V power and put a splash of race fuel in the tank when I’m on the track, lovely.

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