DomiWorks – Universal Paddle Shifters DCT/8HP/PDK

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Universal Paddle Shifters
Finally, here they are, our universal paddle shifters!!
A lot of effort and iterations has been put into these and we can now deliver one of the best universal paddle shifters on the market.
Our paddle shifter is an ultra-low-profile shifter reaching only 19mm high. A billet CNC housing of high graded aluminum features our in-house developed microswitch board using an OEM microswitch specifically designed for applications like these. Microswitch is IP67 rated and expected life cycle is one million (1000000) cycles.
Adjustable magnet force, includes 2 additional magnets so the required paddle force can be changed in three levels. Delivered in the lowest level.
Rear side features a threeway conjunction so the wires can be directed in the direction of your choice making wire routing easier.
Tefzel wires covered in DR-25 shrink tube.
Paddle blades are made of carbon fiber with laser marked plus (+) and minus (-) signs.
Mounted by 4 M3 bolts underneath.
Available in five colors; black, blue, red, yellow and green.

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