Nathan’s Toyota Supra A90 back with us for some mods.

✅ Whifbitz 3.5” titanium exhaust system, super lightweight and more noise!
✅ Pure 800 turbo
✅ Ecutek custom map, now running 3 maps, low, medium and high boost
✅ HKS Hipermax Touring adjustable height spring kit
✅ Forge Motorsport chargecooler rad, much bigger than the oem rad for better cooling
✅ Forge Motorsport catch tank
As you can see from the dyno graph Nathan’s Supra is now making 506whp and 486 lb/ft torque at the rear wheels, that’s about 600bhp at the flywheel, just from a few bolt on mods and a remap, easy power 💪💪
Please get in touch for all your Supra tuning and maintenance requirements.
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