Whibitz Supra A90 Stage 1 Tune Complete

Whifbitz stage 1 tune now complete using Bootmod3 stage 1 OTS map on our Supra A90 demo car.
Our Supra A90 is totally standard apart from a K&N drop in air filter element which made no difference to power.
As you can see from the dyno graph attached, the whp has gone from 325.65 to 413.30whp and torque has gone up from 383.10 to 459.87 at the wheels, thats about 485bhp at the flywheel approx using a 15% transmission loss.
The car feels a totally different animal now, we will update soon with some performance figures showing before and after.
Please note we always quote our dyno figures using SAE correction which reads lower than STD correction that a lot of US tuners use.
We will be updating our website soon with this and more tuning packages we are currently developing. Stage 2 with catless downpipe and hybrid turbo coming soon.
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