Whifbitz 1000BHP Audi R8 V10 Plus twin turbo on Youtube!

We bought our Audi R8 V10 Plus in 2021 with one intention, to make a supercar into a hypercar.

The V10 engine is easily tuneable making over 1000bhp with just a bolt on turbo kit on low boost. We decided to go with the Extreme Turbo Systems twin turbo kit as we’ve used their products before with great success. The kit comes with 2x Precision 6466 Gen 2 turbos, chargecoolers, chargecooler radiator and ice box, manifolds, Tial wastegates and bov’s and all associated pipework, brackets, etc.

This is controlled by the Syvecs ecu’s enabling us to map all parameters of the engine along with a gearbox ecu flash to insure there is no clutch slip with the extra power. We’ve also fitted a Syvecs 4WD unit which aids traction and stability over the OEM unit.

BC Forged 20/21″ HCA382S 2 piece wheels with Michelin PS4S 265/35×20 front and 325/25×21 on the rear along with H&R lowering springs and lastly a Vorsteiner style carbon front spoiler.

The Whifbitz tuned and built Audi R8 twin turbo makes 852whp which is an estimated 1026BHP which turns it into a rocket ship, 9.9 1/4 mile on road tyres on an unprepped track.

In case you didn’t know the Lamborghini Huracan has the same drivetrain so if you would like to get your Lamborghini or Audi R8 tuned please get in touch.

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