Whifbitz 1000BHP Audi R8 V10 Twin Turbo

Our Audi R8 V10 twin turbo is finished and it’s now producing 857whp which is approx 1008bhp!

Its running an ETS twin turbo kit using 2x Precision 6466 turbos, running on low boost at only 0.75 bar which is all being controlled by the best ecu in the business, the Syvecs S12.

Dyno videos and more updates to come soon, draggy times to follow when the road conditions get better 💪

As you can see from the picture below our R8 is running BC Forged 20/21″ 2 piece modular wheels, these are available in many different designs and sizes, if you’d like a set please get in touch for prices and specs.

If you’d like your super car turned into a hyper car please get in touch!!

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